From the farmers who plant and tend the palm, to the mill workers and technicians who extract and refine the oil, to the consumers who buy products made with our palm oil, Daabon is committed to improving the lives of everyone who interacts with our company and the products we make.

Daabon is a family company, founded on principles of solidarity and responsibility, and we’re proud of our reputation for treating people right, in both the local community and the global marketplace.

“Our strategic goal has always been to grow through the encouragement of human development for our communities.”

Manuel Julian Davila, CEO

Fair Trade USA

Daabon offers Fair Trade USA certified palm oil, which allows our customers to support local communities in Colombia by paying a premium which goes directly to fund meaningful programs.

Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

Our palm oil is certified sustainable by the RSPO, which ensures not only that our farming and production processes are not harming the environment, but also that our operations are having a positive impact on our workers and local communities.

When properly applied, the criteria put in place by the RSPO protect workers and local ecosystems from exploitation, make sure that local and international labor standards are upheld, and protect culturally and historically significant lands.

Smallholders and “Las Alianzas”

In 1999 we started “Las Alianzas” (The Alliances), a partnership program for peace and economic prosperity in our farming communities. Daabon was the first company in the country to commit to buying sustainable palm from small landholders, giving them full support in both the growing process and the market.

Daabon invested in the Pescaito neighborhood in Santa Marta, and invests in others like it, by giving the residents instruments and offering social programs to help enrich and enliven local communities.

Organic Products for a Healthy Life

Palm oil is a naturally healthy oil with an excellent nutritional profile compared with other plant and animal fats. So when you consume products with our palm oil, you know you’re doing something good for yourself, and you can feel extra good knowing it’s produced ethically and sustainably.

Family Owned, Family Run

We started nearly 100 years ago when Alberto Pio Dávila founded a banana farm in northern Colombia. Three generations of the Dávila-Abondano family later, and we’ve expanded to palm oil, coffee, and many other agriculture projects while still running an organic banana plantation in the Santa Marta region. Our family takes pride in its reputation as ethical and reliable business owners, which we’ve earned by treating our customers, our employees and our neighbors fairly. That’s because we recognize that we’re part of a community, both locally and globally.